Brian Kay — a biography of Brian Kay.

The Light Music Society — the website of the Light Music Society, full of all sorts of useful information about light music.

Leroy Anderson — the official website for Leroy Anderson, one of our favourite composers.

BBC Music: Eric Coates — the BBC Music page for Eric Coates, another composer of light music and a regular in our repertoire.

Robert Farnon Society — named after Robert Farnon, a highly prolific composer and conductor of light music who is still composing today. The society is dedicated to all things to do with light music.

Ernest Tomlinson — another great composer and conductor of light music.

Roger Quilter — a website dedicated to Roger Quilter, a composer of songs and light orchestral music.

Grainger Museum — the official website for the Grainger Museum, run by the University of Melbourne, Australia. Percy Grainger was a well-known composer and virtuoso pianist. We’ve played many of his pieces in our concerts.

Chesterton Choral Society — a local amateur choir that we performed with in 2008 and again in 2011.

Light Fantastic: A festival of light music — BBC Radio 3’s 2011 light music festival.