Our next concert:


To the Rescue!


3pm Saturday 25 November 2023


An afternoon family concert to raise funds for HoverAid


Featuring the themes from
James Bond
The Lone Ranger
– and even more heroes!


North Cambridge Academy (Assembly Hall)
Arbury Road
Cambridge CB4 2JF


Tickets: adults £12, children FREE

Online booking:

or for an extra £2 you can have tickets posted to you
– have the date, time, name of the orchestra and venue to hand,
then call

0333 666 3366






Future Concerts


7.30pm Saturday 16 March 2024

Venue to be announced


7.30pm Saturday 29 June 2024

Venue to be announced


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The CCO is an amateur orchestra in Cambridge (UK) that specialises in light music

It gives regular concerts throughout the year within the community



Money raised for other charities in recent years

We are a registered charity (263524) and most of our concerts
are fundraising events in association with other charities

2022 – £2,750     (running total £26,200)
2020 – £300         (running total £23,450)
2019 – £3,250     (running total £23,150)
2018 – £1,400     (running total £19,900)
2017 – £2,500     (running total £18,500)
2016 – £5,000     (running total £16,000)
2015 – £4,000     (running total £11,000)